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"Ideologies separate us. Dreams and anguish bring us together."

Eugéne Ionesco

PRINTING: CP print on Alu-Diband, framed.


DIMENSIONS 1:  44 cm x 64 cm or 64 cm x 44 cm

PRICE: 734.- €

DIMENSIONS 2:  64 cm x 94 cm or 94 cm x 64 cm

PRICE: 1150.- €




DREAMSCAPES is a series of photos that can be described as a virtual travel diary, in which memories of specific places, cities, and countries blend dreamily, layered onto each other, which have strongly shaped the artistic career of Nino Strohecker over the years.

DREAMSCAPES started during the physical immobility of the first lockdown of the year and tried to satisfy the ever-increasing longing for the adventure of travel in a new way.

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