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”That’s the thing about pictures: they seduce you.” 

David Byrne 

PADE is a four-minute long colorful experimental single-channel video made from an old black and white found footage 16mm movie The Princess and the Pea.





”A hallucination is a fact, not an error; what is erroneous is a judgment based upon it.” 

Bertrand Russel 



DESTINATION JOURNEY is an experimental video on the topic of hallucination made during my artist in residency in Delft. 

I filmed four different bike rides through the city of Delft each 30 minutes long and merged this layers onto each other in different variations to create the sensation of a visual hallucination. 





”Dream no small dreams for they have no power to move the hearts of men.” 

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe 


SCHWARZSCHATTIGE GEFÜHLSWELTEN is the title of three single-channel video loops on different lengths and sound composed by Wolfgang Dorninger, Rudi Wienand and Die Null. 

The empty nature serves as a metaphor for social isolation while living in a foreign country. 



Loop 1-3



”Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.” 

Albert Einstein


SOLSTICE is a single-channel HD video. Shot on June 21st, 2009, the summer solstice, on the Island Högbonden at the coordinates N 62 52. E 18 29 in Sweden, to take this experience with me to the Festival of Lights in Belgrad, Serbia.  

To show the flow of light I filmed 24 hours and compressed them into 24 minutes.





”To obey with your eyes shut is the onset of panic.”

Maurice Merleau-Ponty


Victims is a filmic meditation on part of Austrian history, and a call to the viewer to critically engage with and question the country´s role as an alleged victim of National Socialism during World War II. The film is based on 16 mm black and white private found footage material from 1938.  

To make the found material my own I destroyed, alienated the material by scanning it frame by frame into the computer.

At the end close to 16.000 individual images (each can be printed on Alu Dibond) became a 23-minute long experimental film.  The sound was composed and produced by Wolfgang Dorninger and Didi Bruckmayr. 

Until now the film was selected and screened at 26 festivals around the world and was awarded 5 times and additionally nominated 4 times. 





”I’m gonna put a curse on you and all your kids will be born completely naked.” Jimi Hendrix 


ADULTS ONLY is based on the 16mm found-footage film "Frauenschönheiten auf Bali" and was the first experimental film I did by scanning the original footage frame by frame. 

This single-channel video was screened at 7 film festivals and was awarded Best international Experimental Film, NYIIFVF, New York 2007.




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