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KlangKonfus is the newest sound project by multimedia artist Nino Strohecker. 

Never been trained to play an instrument or learned how to read music notes he started to experiment with a bas guitar and ended up in the Grazer noise formation Fehlgeburt.

Then moving to Linz to study Visual Media Design at the Art University he bought his first electronic music tool a Roland MC-307 Groovebox and he is still using it today.

After several attempts with different formations and living in Graz, Linz Stockholm, Berlin and Vienna he returned to the city of his growing up Klagenfurt.

The name chosen for this new project describes in all means the electro punk sound of Nino Strohecker in the best way:

KlangKonfus translates sound confused.





The name worked out to be kind of a prophecy for this band project. Die Null means The Zero. After working together with a great female singer for up to 2 years, with some gigs and almost finishing our first record, there was a fundamental misunderstanding on which direction the project should take soundwise, so we did split up.

Covering the losses, I did record half of the songs with another great female singer – but the distance Stockholm Vienna turned out to be too hard to overcome.

Still, I used the name for producing 2 more records.






The sound of Wicked Basement Underground was the result of remodeling an old unused sauna into a tiny sound studio in the grungy basement of our working and living loft in Stockholm.



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