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“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” 

Pablo Picasso


The name of the winning design concept - MONOLOG - is not just an allusion to the inner stream of consciousness that constantly accompanies us, the "stream of consciousness".

MONOLOG is an interplay of the terms mono (unique), monolithic (connected, firmly connected), monochrome (one-colored), and log (the English word for long wood).

MONOLOG stands for the use of long timbers in one dimension - 120mm x 240mm.

MONOLOG is a monochrome, monolithic seating furniture, that is produced in three different versions: MONOLOG 1-seater, MONOLOG 2-seater, MONOLOG 3-seater.

MONOL O G uses the traditional Japanese method of wood preservation, called Yakisugi or Shousugiban. In this natural process, the wood surface is slightly charred without burning the wood. Carbonization makes the wood waterproof and therefore durable. At the same time, the carbonized layer is solid protection against insects.



"The belief that one's own view of reality is the only reality is the most dangerous of all delusions."

Paul Watzlawick


The concept is based on the idea of creating an over-dimensional "black box" containing Paul Watzlawick´s wisdom. 

Old recordings and interviews of Watzlawick are randomly triggered by  

people visiting the sculpture.




”We are continually shaped by the forces of coincidence.” 

Paul Auster 


ORACLE C/O INCIDENCE is a series based on the hight and weight of the individual in a scale 1:10.  

The starting point is the ancient tradition of fortune telling at New Year’s Eve by pouring molded lead into a bowl of water.  

The sculpture is presented on a rotating tray placed on a pedestal which also serves as a transportation crate.





”I have spent my life judging the distance between American reality and the American dream.” 

Bruce Springsteen


AMERICA FIRST is a playful dispute with the American way of life, as well as the American dream and in particular the idea of American supremacy to the rest of the world.  

The symbol of this, the one dollar bill, is scanned (front and back) and blown up large, while slightly alienated to reflect the topic. One has to look carefully to see the difference between the original writing on the dollar bill and the AMERICA FIRST dollar bill. 






”Declare independence. Don´t let them do that to you.” 



PAX OR I DECLARE INDEPENDENCE is inspired by Björk´s song from Declare Independence from her album Volta and takes her challenge to declare independence literally.  

The work understands itself as a dadaistic, letristic and situationistic approach on capitalism, the personal freedom, and ethnicity and becomes an extravaganza, a skit staged as a multi-piece room installation.  

The work is a satirical escape attempt from the government, an aspiration towards a highly weakened form of anarchy in which respect for others and our environment becomes a priority and goes hand in hand with living every day to its fullest.






”Art is the bridge between mankind and nature.”

Friedensreich Hundertwasser


Water is a chemical substance essential for survival for all living organisms on earth and it is traditionally used as a metaphor for change and death. 

100H2O is an installation consisting of 126 samples of water from around the world. 85 people helped to collect the water and along with their sample cam a story how about it came to Sweden. 

The bottles are sealed, numbered, cataloged and showcased on light boxes accompanied by sound composed by Robert Hefter and Mats Danielsson. 

An artist book was produced on this project, containing a full written inventory of the bottles with photographic documentation, short texts and a list of the word water in one hundred languages.





”Charm is the invisible part of beauty, without which no one can be really beautiful.” 

Sophia Loren


MUT ZUR HÄSSLICHKEIT means Courage to be ugly and the project is an installation where the public is invited to take part in the genesis of the work.  

They are asked to make one ugly image of themselves by scanning their face digitally into the computer.

Without being processed any further, these images are printed immediately and hanged on the wall, as well as send to an electronic v-card program so that one can e-mail their ugly picture next to the pretty one.  



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