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”Visiting a zoo = unconscious ancestor worship.” 

Fernandel aka Joseph Désiré Constantin

PRINTING: CP print; framed.


DIMENSIONS: 60 cm x 144 cm




PRICE: 3900.- €

The project ZOO came to life as a sheer matter of coincidence during a visit to Paris in October 2005. Looking out of the window of my room in an apartment in Sant Mandé I could see a man-made mountain overseeing the whole urban area. On the last day of my stay, I couldn´t resist my curiosity any longer to look down on Paris from that mountain, so I decided to take may panorama camera and my last 3 roles of black & white film and went there. 

I found the mountain surrounded by fences, located in the middle of the zoo. So I paid the entrance fee and started to wander around and I was stunned. I found the bizarre sight of worn out man-sculptured landscapes almost completely abandoned by their inhabitants – the animals. 

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